Boosting Efficiency and Customer Experience with POS-Enabled Server Robot

If you’re someone who runs a business, it’s no secret that one of your ultimate goals is to satisfy your customers. It’s important to bear in mind that the goal is more than just closing a sale or deal. How will you keep clients coming back if you don’t give them a reason to? Or offer them value for their money? For instance, in the restaurant industry, it is a challenge to ensure the smooth operation of your business while keeping diners happy at the same time. That’s why it’s high time to consider options and strategies that can aid you in giving the value that your customers deserve. Like server robots for example. It may still seem like a novel idea but hear out the several ways a server robot can help with your restaurant:


1. Taking orders and delivering food.

Starting from order taking, server robots integrated with the POS system can help speed up the process. Customers who wish to dine at your restaurant can order through a mobile app or a server robot stationed at your restaurant. Once the order is placed, the server robots can work in sync by beginning to prepare the food and have it delivered to tables without any human intervention. 


2. Knowledge of the menu and personal recommendations.

With numerous features that these restaurant robots come with, you can program them to be knowledgeable of your menu. As such, customers can rely on them to give details about the ingredients used for the food. These robots can also give real-time updates to your customers about the availability of the food selections. What’s more, when a diner is a repeat customer, the server robot can pull up relevant information from past orders of this customer and give recommendations based on their dietary information and preferences.


3. Manage the tables efficiently.

Through the integrated system within these server robots, you can automate the task of managing the tables at your restaurant. They can keep track of available tables and help the customers get settled in unoccupied tables. Once the customers are finished eating, the server robots can also track and notify the system to have the tables cleaned up and ready for the next diners. Through this method, your tables are efficiently managed and table turnover is increased leading to more revenue for the restaurant. Not to mention, customer waiting times can be gradually decreased which means more happy customers!


4. Cross-selling and upselling to customers.

Since restaurant robots are capable of saving past information about customers, this can be utilized to upsell and cross-sell your products. Robots can refer to the saved information like preferences, dietary information, and other relevant details. If you have new products on the menu you want customers to try, server robots can help convince them through upselling or cross-selling. At the same time, giving personal recommendations can make customers feel that their choices and preferences are taken note of. In turn, this makes them realize the value that your restaurant offers to their diners.


5. Speed up the payment process.

Restaurant robots can also help speed up the payment process at your restaurant. By simply generating a digital invoice through their built-in screens, the customers can immediately see the total payment. The robots can also notify the system through the integrated POS system by sending in the order details for a bill to be generated. Afterward, the customers can be given the option to pay through their preferred mode of payment – cash, credit cards, mobile wallets, or scanning a QR code from the robots themselves. This expedites the entire payment process and makes it convenient for customers without having to wait for someone to bring the bill.


6. Data analytics and insights.

Lastly, the restaurant robots’ ability to save information and gather data from the customers can help your business more than you realize. You can utilize those in making important decisions for your restaurant. The saved information can give you insights into putting up your menu and identifying what dishes will appeal to them. More so, managing your inventory, identifying peak operation hours, and scheduling your staff’s hours will be easier. That way, your decisions are backed up with credible data from your customers themselves. The patterns and trends in their dining habits and consumer behavior can specifically help you with what works and what doesn’t to serve them better. However, it’s also important to ask your customers’ permission first before storing their data and using it to improve your service. 

In a nutshell, the POS-integrated system in these restaurant robots can help your business in many ways – from the moment the customers step foot inside your restaurant up to the point they open their wallets. Not only can they take part in the efficient operation of your restaurant but also help you in the continuous improvement of your overall service and the value you offer to your diners. 

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